Minnesota was recently named the fastest growing tech community in the country.

We have an incredible community, we are growing, we need tech talent, and we don’t do a very good job of telling our story. We have so much here, but these stories, opportunities, and communities are not always visible.

DocuMNtary is a project to build awareness of technology in Minnesota by telling our story through a documentary series.

The project objective is to help Minnesota become a top 5 tech community by retaining and attracting top technology talent.

DocuMNtary will be distributed primarily as a web experience along with other channel partners such as public television. The web experience allows us to ensure that this story is available to all people and organizations in Minnesota and beyond.

The series consists of the 30-minute high-level story, and individual 5-10 minute stories from specific people, companies, industries, or other components of our ecosystem. The documentary format allows us to tell the world not only about our great community, innovation, and company stories, but also gives us opportunity to talk about our great music scene, values, outdoor life, culinary wonders, and a booming craft beer industry to name just a few things that make Minnesota what it is.

Consider watching the full piece and then clicking into one segment about community support, one about our history in technology, and one about our incredible craft beer industry.

We work hard, we are a great community, and we are humble.

Be part of the story. Help us bring this to the world by checking out our Kickstarter and sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN. Just a few clicks makes a HUGE difference!

Thank you for your support!

  • Nick Roseth
    Nick is a passionate technology leader that works at the intersection of business, creative, and technology. Over the course of a 15 year career in digital, he has touched design, development, marketing, management, leadership, and a host of other disciplines. Driven by lifelong learning, Nick is involved in the creative and technology communities on a variety of fronts. From personal education to educating others through advisory boards, speaking engagements, mentoring, and the recent www.DocuMNtary.com project, he continuously seeks ways to explore new disciplines and grow our creative and tech communities.
  • Eric Jenson

    Eric is the owner of Jenson Studios, an award-winning Minneapolis video production company.  Eric loves telling stories that inspire. He believes that DocuMNtary will absolutely inspire a new generation of diverse, young Minnesotans to get into tech, and people around the globe to consider MN as the best destination to live and work.   Eric has filmed with local tech companies like Stratasys, Medtronic, Tech Logic, and more.  He’s also filmed projects involving NASA in Houston, Legacy FX in L.A., Orange County Choppers in NY, and Trek in nearby WI.  In addition to his work as a story teller, Eric is the founder of Magic Arms (where he serves as President of the Board), a non-profit that uses a 3D printed exoskeleton to help kids who have limited use of their arms.